Hello! As the first blog post of our new site, it seems appropriate to introduce ourselves, and welcome you through the metaphorical front doors of our business and why we are here!

Alex and I (Rachel) are a team of life and creative partners who were brought together by photography (on Imgur!) in 2015. Three years later, Alex joined me on my team of product photographers at Viral Launch (a tech company for Amazon sellers in Indianapolis, Indiana) where we worked together creating imagery for around 1,000 Amazon sellers between the two of us. We had both worked in creative fields prior to this, as well as both received creative bachelor’s degrees – Alex’s in film and mine in photography, so photography was something we were both already in love with.

Working at Viral Launch gave us a new niche in which to focus our skills that offered enough volume to keep us busy for years to come, given the enormity and success of Amazon itself. Not only were we able to do what we loved full-time, but our work made a positive difference for countless small business owners who were building online success in order to provide for their families and support their own passions in life, and that was amazing! This job also allowed us the finances and freedom to move to Florida where we could continue creating from a studio in our own home (with our two corgis, Stanley and Peanut), now with access to special shooting locations, such as the beach, year-round.. After a few years, however, the company we had grown comfortable with decided to change focus and stopped offering creative services to their clients. While scary at first, this big change allowed us the opportunity to finally pursue what we had dreamt of for years: building a small business of our own. We had already launched a freelance business under the name of Rachel Alexander Photography, but had not promoted it exclusively for online sellers, which meant it kind of served as a place holder until we were able to target the market that we were already involved with. We were now fully equipped to continue the work that we knew and loved under the name of our own business: Best Seller Photos.

Working under the terms of our own company meant we would be able to communicate and work more directly with our clients, as well as offer them more affordable pricing by essentially cutting the overhead of working for a larger company. It made sense not only for us but for our clients! This is why we’re so excited to continue creating amazing images for all of you through our new website. At this point it’s difficult for us to imagine ourselves working full-time in any other line of work because of the amount of fun we have creating each set of images, and the satisfaction we gain from helping sellers advance their success with each session of professional and personalized content specific to their brand’s voice and goals! Whether you need studio or lifestyle images for your listing, infographics, or new branding content for your site or socials, we would love nothing more than to work with you to create the perfect imagery for your product. Let’s create something together soon!